By Bianca Serraty

Seduce me.

Tell me I’m yours,

Allow me to walk into your arms

And feel right at home.

Make me let you claim my body

As your own.

Seduce me,

Whisper to me the words

Of passionate souls.

Tempt me,

Make me listen

To the caress of your tongue upon

Every letter.

Tease me with the images of my body

Surrendering itself to you.

Tantalize me,

Make my insides writhe with the pleasure of knowing you’ve finally conquered me.



It’s too wrong to be right.

Scold me,

Tell me its too soon and that I’m crazy.

Let your walls murmur the why’s

Let your pillows speak and convince me I’m not ready.

Allow my mind to wrack itself for reasons once spoken to me.

Let my heart tell me it isn’t the time

Let the clock tick by,

Reminding me the only game it plays

Is waiting.

But time waits for no man.

It won’t stand still while I’m a mere girl.

Tempt me.

Whisper to me the words of your seduction.

No, deceive me,

Caress my mind

With lies that fall willingly off of your lips,

That try and take advantage of the vulnerability of my kiss.

Mislead me.

Beguile me.

Persuade my body into believing

That you want my soul and not just

To take control.

Whisper to me the words of allure.

Screech at me the words of innocence.

Take me, forcefully, isn’t thay why you invited me?

To confuse me?

So go ahead, use the euphoria against me.

By Nichelle Heredia
What is a queen when she lives in a KINGdom?
She’s afraid to stand up and begin a movement
Because oppression of her gender is what she knows
Standing up for herself and her worth she doesn’t know or care to seek the meaning of
Instead she thinks that
Answering to his every request
And suicide attempts
Are what’s best.But what is a queen when she lives in his KINGdom?
May she be a mother?
Not even that
Because since birth she’s taught her daughters that
By Fighting back to a lion
They’ll end up as miserable as a zebra –
Laying their corps in an unwanted area.
Standing up to him
Would result in violence
Because having your own opinion is wrong,
Being as vocal as Ariel
Is never right.
For you see she traded her voice for legs instead of a fin
for a man who didn’t even recognize at first that without her voice she spoke through her eyes with so much soul.
Because oppression to her gender is all she really knows
But she doesn’t want to seek
What the future has in stores
It all could’ve been different If she only just believed
That by having a voice
She could gain much more.What is a queen when she lives in his KINGdom and learns that
Self worth, her gender, her mind and  body
Are the greatest work of art he ever laid his eyes on ?
The KINGdom is put to rest
Because now the QUEENdom is put to the test
Because is not only about what her body has to offer,
Is not only about what spices she’s able to put together to create a meal,
And it’s definitely not how well she follows orders.
Is about how good she is knowing her value and that by standing up to her self she doesn’t need anyone to follow.
She’s her biggest fan
And yes we know that Setting an example is one tough act to follow,
But this isn’t the Apollo
No one is waiting for an artistic contribution
Just strength to watch her keep herself moving.So you see,
She was that queen living in a KINGdom
oppressed by her own thoughts and feelings
Not knowing that every decision she made reflected on her children.

By Nichelle Heredia
You see, your problem was that
You held your pride like it was your only source of nourishment,
if you put it down for a week
Your body would  become weak.
Using chains to hold on to it
Fumigating scars of pain,
But who’s to blame ?
You’ve created Chains that held you back and made you go insane.
Kept you from playing the game,
Fighting for the spot
To only love her, adore her
And gain emotions so hard to obtain.
You see your problem was..
You were blinded by the simple concept of pride.
That you failed to look into her eyes.
Not seeing that with every
Gaze she deeply fell  in love with that guy.
You failed to see that her heart
Cried out devastating  pains and that the lack of resurgence made her go insane.
Not knowing that every scar she carved in to her skin spelled your name,
and every blood droop that fell from her burning flesh
Reflected her pain.
All she wanted was that guy
To show her the love he felt for her,
Because to her one day she would have his last name.
But you failed to fulfill her request because of your damn pride!
Now you’re sitting in a corner
Reminiscing, mesmerizing
Her touch, her kiss and her scent
Because before she left
Your name was written all over her floor With ink she called “red love”
Surrounded by flames.


By Jonathan Bright, Jr.

she believed
in his gospel

like moses
he brought manna
nothing would change her mind

he was sun
and she knew
that he had been delivered
to lead her to things that shine

so she planted her roots
he became her religion over time
have you ever tried
to convince someone to question
the beliefs that they hold inside?

countless voices
gave her warning
but she still
kept faith in him

he is the bible
she is the disciple
she will always
have faith in him


“Have You Ever Met the Blues?”

By Jonathan Bright, Jr.

have you ever
met the blues?

have you ever
caught an eye
that sang an
etta james tune?

have you ever
gotten caught up
in all the jazz?

have you ever
tasted cotton candy
and still felt sad?

Excerpt from “Ego Trippn”

by Rodney Wells

Chapter One: Deep in the Depths of Deception

I’ve been drinking, plus the overindulgence of chemical substances that have got me immensely thinking. For the past few days I wasn’t taking any breaks. I stood relentlessly outside selling all the drugs I had until I had no more. I would have went home the night before but I was recently informed that my wife’s some sort of whore. Situations like this justify the bliss in ignorance. Feeling a pain even a paraplegic could empathize with. Naiveté, how could this have been something I could have missed? She utilized deception to help assure her acceptance and in my ignorance she reaped reward from my progression. We even conceived a child together. No wonder she could remain by my side through trial and error. It was treachery disguised as loyalty. I was so disappointed in me. Once again my desires apparently left me damaged. I was so easily blinded by her physical appearance. Now this deep regret is what I’m eternally damned with.

I found myself looking for a good time at the wrong place at the wrong time. Last night I decided to take a break from my criminal endeavors. Ended up at one of my favorite after hour spots, gambling, and taking shots. Spending all of my crap table earnings at the bar. It was no telling if I had seventeen shots or seventy-four. I was heavily intoxicated. It was then a man who I didn’t recognize at all tapped me on the shoulder from behind.

He asked me “Can I have a word with you?”

I told him, “fuck off, I don’t have the time.” That’s when this stranger showed me a picture of Elizabeth kissing a man’s face that wasn’t mine.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked.

“I knew that photo would intrigue you.” He laughed. Him finding humor in this situation almost caused me to smack him faceless, but I refrained from acting in violence because I was humiliated. From my observations of the photo Elizabeth in this guy weren’t related. They had to be dating.

“Who the fuck are you in here laughing in my face?” I exclaimed. I could tell by his change in demeanor he knew I wasn’t playing. He straightened himself up and sat on the empty bar stool beside me.

“My apologies Mr. Mitchell I am Donald Reed, a private investigator.”

“A private investigator” I questioned.

What exactly did I get myself into? And how did this guy know my last name is Mitchell? Before he said anything else and the conversation continued, I told him “Walk with me out front, it’s too many ears in here for me to discuss anything with you.”

We made our way through the crowd and out the front door. Private investigator Reed wasted no time filling me in some more.

“Let me inform you that the woman in the picture’s real name is Patrice Ward. An extremely prolific con artist and text book sociopath. Her M.O is to seduce young men such as yourself, who gain their fortunes through illicit means. She’s highly intelligent. Superbly skilled in psychologically manipulating her victims. Patrice easily conditions the man influenced by his infatuation to trust her. Effortlessly becoming knowledgeable of large amounts of cash. I just hope I found you in enough time to save your stash.”

By Mark Roman
Mark Roman is a motivational speaker, author, artist, and life coach bridging the realms of metaphysics, meditation, music, bio-energy, fitness and longevity to create dynamic personal transformations; all in the name of supreme health. Your uniqueness can be found at

Few understand it. Kanye West and his smile to sudden stone face.

Whether consciously or unconsciously – this is a deep truth in which Kanye displays wisdom. Giving in to laughter is an excitement that disturbs the mind. What are we really laughing about anyway?

Humiliation is the core idea between laughter and anger. When you feel humiliated, you are being humbled. Humiliation is the result of being forced into humility by an external force. For example, if someone pointed out to you how ignorant you sound when you speak so loudly, you can either choose to laugh it off or get upset. These are the two polarities of humiliation. There is always a third way, however.

“Humiliation is the result of being forced into humility by an external force.”

In Taoism, it is called The Middle Way. It is the practical art of navigating life in its wholeness. Instead of this or that, it’s both. Instead of left or right – straight. There is no good or bad in the Tao (literally, the Way) everything exists as it is: without judgment. To judge something as good, detracts from wholeness. To judge something as bad, detracts from oneness. Take the universal symbol of the Tao; many know it as the Yin-Yang symbol.


The Tao

The Tao is a sacred symbol for oneness hidden within polarity. The symbol of contrast. We define the polarities of the contrast: good-bad, masculine-feminine, light-darkness, and more. But the key is to recognize the little bit of dark in the light, the little bit of light in the dark. When among darkness, you look for the light. When in total light, we look for the shade. We inherently search for contrast. This is a deep truth.

Do you see the middle swivel line connecting/dividing the two halves? This is the Middle Way. This is the Tao. Existing in polarity, knowing oneness. Both mortal and divine. Both god and human.

(Keep in mind that trying to explain the Tao, always falls short of knowing the Tao. It is beyond words, beyond conceptualization of the mind. Even in pure emotional-spiritual knowing, we fall short of ever knowing the full Tao due to our localized little picture perspective.)

Back to Kanye. So what’s up with the stone face? When you begin diving deeper into your individual path of personal development, spiritual growth, enlightenment, transcendence, i.e. whatever you wish to call this seeking of your highest self, you begin to realize how sacred your energy is. You take all your power back when you realize how long you’ve spilled energy into situations that don’t serve you. The objective is to create the most amazing reality you can, enjoying the experience all along the way. This requires a clear mind and clear heart. Let’s focus in on the clear mind.

“You take all your power back when you realize how long you’ve spilled energy into situations that don’t serve you.”

When he sharply contrasts from smile to stone face, Kanye is saying, “I won’t laugh along with you. I’m not muddying my clarity for this moment with you.” He snaps back to center. To calmness. To clarity.

Yogananda speaks of this explicitly in How to have Courage, Calmness and Confidence:

“A yogi whose mind is like a rippleless lake, free from the waves of temporary mental elation, sadness, or emotional disturbances – due to loss or gain, victory or failure – finds within himself the unruffled clear reflection of the Spirit.”

“Be deep in everything you do. Even when laughing, don’t lose your inner calmness. Be joyful inside, but always inwardly a little withdrawn. Be centered in the joy within.”

Be deep in everything you do. About a year into my journey, I found myself questioning why I was laughing so much and smiling so often, when nothing felt humorous to me. So I tried something different. When out and about in social gatherings, I just sat through waves of laughter without smiling while others laughed around me. I would laugh if I wanted to, of course, but I just kept asking myself, “What are we laughing about? What am I smiling about?” I invite you to try becoming acutely aware of your motivations to smile and laugh with the group. It’s an interesting exercise for myself; standing apart from the need to want to fit in.

I find myself in a deeper sense of clarity these days. In hindsight, when I gave into the social cue to laugh along, it felt like I missed something. I missed the moment, over and over. The moment to be present and knowing. Everything is happening right NOW. Be here now. Preserve your clarity for absolute, “I am” presence.

 “We’re all having fun, right?”
Comic by Anthony Antiquera

How sacred is your energy? How important to you is the clarity of your mind? Kanye West prioritizes his energy. He puts his center first. He rests in the calmness of his mind.

Many of us feel the need to feel whole through the validation of others. By going within and cultivating our sense of self, we remember our power. This reality is a lot more specific to you than our social cues would have us believe. We can go out, but first we go in. It’s balance. Serve yourself first.


“I don’t care about having a legacy, I don’t care about being remembered. The most important thing to me is while I’m here, while we’re having fun, while we’re going to sleep and breathing oxygen, and living life, and falling in love, and having pain, and having joy, is like, ‘What can I do with my voice, what can we do for each other to make life easier, make life doper for our kids as they grow up?’ You know, they were born into a broken world and we’re like the clean-up crew.”
Kanye West


Poetry by Christian Liriano

IG: @lone.leo204

Lone Leo

image1 (2)

Couldn’t see my self worth, so I had to fall off the earth.
Digging through the dirt, trying to find my soul’s worth.
Understood it was never outside of me, all I had to do was believe in me.
I’ve taken what I know, now I’m looking at astrology.
Understanding what the stars mean to me, changing up my ideology.
I want the world to see me for who I wanna be, not some bullshit fake want-to-be.
Sunlight, starlight, when that shit hit me in the dark
I couldn’t stand to see its light
With all my might I hid and ran
No matter the fight, the darkness couldn’t heal without this light
My journey is different, my path is bright.
To go around the world and ignite the fight
For truth, for justice, all of darkness will be banished by light
Unrequited Love
My past love is a different love, a love that wasn’t shared.
I waited, debated, and contemplated but your love wouldn’t play fair.
A price I had to pay, with love that would decay.
Saddened and hurt my soul was in disarray.
I couldn’t grasp it, couldn’t understand it.
I thought eventually, you know,
I’d get past it
But, nooooooo, my heart, oh my heart–
It would say how can it be that love be so tragic?

Poetry by Ready NRC 

Twitter: @ReadyNRC



She never laughs, She doesn’t smile

She’ll fade to black, in just a while

She’ll part her dress, and take a bow

She’ll fade to black, in just a while


The tighter I hold on to you, the more I hurt myself.

Still, I can’t let you go.

Does this make me

A masochist? Or a sadist?


Such A Beautiful red mane

Like that of a lion

Fresh out of hell

Fresh out of heat.

Your scarlet crown.

Facing down.

Staying up.




By Wairimu Ng’ang’a

IG: @wairimu__das_schonste_madchen

I am strong enough

Now to learn that

In forgiving ,

I must begin with myself

To not judge myself too harshly

For the mistakes i made,

I am not my past

I am a present becoming ;

Dear mistakes of my past

I set you free at last

I am becoming

||Wairimu the poet||

Soft Bellies


By Wairimu Ng’ang’a

IG: @wairimu__das_schonste_madchen

For the women

with soft bellies

The ones that do a little jig when you walk

Or arrange themselves in soft rolls

When you sit down

Or sit slightly higher above the

Waistline of your pants

Softness is still strength

Softness is attractive

Softness is beautiful

For the women with soft bellies

You are no less of a woman

Embrace your softness



||Wairimu the poet||

Beef or Chicken?

By Elizabeth Daniel


The struggle is real

Being a starving artist is no joke

Living on ramen noodles with a blend of passion

Feeling the sting of being broke

See I’ve had these crazy dreams since I was a kid

Back when it was just me, holding paper and pen

Listening to the radio, pouring out my heart

Scribing lovesick stanzas again and again

Stars in my eyes

I knew I was going to achieve my goals

It didn’t matter that we were dirt poor

Or that the walls had holes

The struggle was real

Being a starving artist was no joke

I’ve been at the bottom

Living on ramen noodles with a blend of passion

Still holding on to that passion.

Break the Silence

By Elizabeth Daniel


Fog rolling in

Can’t see 5 inches in front of your face

Dark and dense

Unable to lift your body from this place

Seems like a weight is holding you down

Eyes closing

No light enters


Breathing quickens as you feel as if you may drown

And the voice inside

Yes, that voice is yours

Reminding you of mistakes made

Repeating in your ear, “You’re just a failure!”

This is what it feels like when you have depression

Nothing feels good enough

Nothing feels good enough

Filled with a misguided aggression


Oh, the awful sadness

The twinge of sadness that runs through the veins

Has absolutely no real reason for being there

Yet it remains


I’m here to tell you that there is hope though

Don’t be afraid to admit when you need a helping hand

Believe me when I tell you, there are people that understand

With prayers, faith, and the right plan

You can overcome the bad days

Living to appreciate the good

Starting today, stand up and shout, “I can!”


By Ashley Sanchez


I’m just so tired

Idk if my eyes are giving out because of the tears or because of the burn

The burn knowing I have no power here at work

The burn knowing I can’t save everybody

The burn that comes from the stories of my ancestors as the whips and chains scared their skin.

The burn that comes from my eyes when I feel powerless and disrespected at a place in which I spend more time than in my own home.

They said this field would be hard and non rewarding

I didn’t want to believe them

I didn’t believe them

I really didn’t

I knew I would only be able to reach a soul a day if that

But how do I reach them if all they know how to do is hold up their bats

I know they’ve been here before

They’ve been here before

In this place

Food they don’t like, no repercussions, basic awol procedure but no consequences.

But they chose to be here

By choosing

They were justifying their mishaps

They were on trial trying to decide where they’d spend the next few years of their lives

I just don’t understand why respect isn’t reciprocated the way it should and needs to be

Oh I know

Respect is given when it’s earned

But these boys don’t know what it is to earn a damn thing

But they chose to be here

By choosing they were taking the easy way out

Where they could still be themselves and act as if they were 12

I’m exhausted from being exhausted

I’m exhausted from working for an agency with high retention rates

I feel powerless

And I don’t think the 11.82 I get an hour will ever allow me to feel a sense of power

I feel as if I’m ready for a desk job

But the folk sitting behind their desks are the reason why these kids sentences get pushed further and further back

Everyone has an agenda

But if these boys agendas were made up differently they wouldn’t be here

They don’t understand respect is a big part of life

How would they like it if their mom sister or grandmother got disrespected every single day for no reason?

Everyone says don’t take it personal and leave it home the next day

But it’s so hard to follow that advice

I feel as if these boys have excuses for their anger issues and we’re just backing them up

So it’s okay for them to do what they want because of their upbringing


I just cried for the second time in 10 months and I’m crying more because I’m making up excuses

Excuses that allow me to stay in my comfort zone and not move forward

Am I stuck?


By Mark Roman


There’s a divide within my soul
Feels like apartheid
The dark side, wants to get close to the light, but I part tides
Like Moses.
Bridge the gap between the heart-mind.
Rode a red wave and learned that we are all one under same sun.
I am the sun.
I’m son of sun I sonned a solar system.
I plant the seed because their souls went missing.
They can’t connect to spirit.
Indeed, the love is really in need.
If I’m a plant, then I’m a tree
Spill my seed and sprout a legacy of conscious beings
Just like me.
Mark Roman is a motivational speaker, author, artist, and life coach bridging the realms of metaphysics, meditation, music, bioenergy, fitness and longevity to create dynamic personal transformations; all in the name of supreme health. Your uniqueness can be found at

By Wairimu Ng’ang’a


I loved you like a hurricane,

With all the fire in my veins,

I knew it, I was insane

But lord knew it was in how

You called my name,

You weren’t built for hurricanes,

That kind of love

Bordered on profane,

You took my winds, broke

my shield,

I was left a cloud

Where once I’d been a hurricane

||Wairimu the poet||


By Wairimu Ng’ang’a


I have stretch marks on my body,

They look like rivers bursting their banks

I cannot tell where they begin

Or  where they end

They are a gentle reminder,

Of how my body makes room

To accommodate me

I have stretch marks on my body,

Each following a different curve

My skin the sky

And they are constellations

That rest on her arms

I have stretch marks on my body,

How my skin has not torn or broken

Is a miracle

Simply keeping me whole

I have stretch marks on my body,

I have stars on my skin,

They are the maps of love

The flowers

Naturally tattooed on my skin

||Wairimu the poet||